Nov  December 2017
48 123
Thursday, Dec 14, 2017   
Award Winner
AK47  WHX | Frank Castle (86 kills with ak47)
AWP  B1 (111 kills with awp)
Best Latency  WHX | Black_Sheep (3 ms average connection)
Colt M4A1 Carbine  SilKil (60 kills with m4a1)
Desert Eagle  emtec (24 kills with deagle)
Dual Berretta Elites  coto (3 kills with elite)
Fusil Automatique  Jack Sparrow*tC (19 kills with famas)
Galil  Suco de fruta (4 kills with galil)
Glock  Christian (2 kills with glock)
Grenade  </3 (4 kills with hegrenade)
Knife Maniac  SilKil (2 knifings)
Longest Kill Streak  minn (8 kills)
Longest Play Time  o.o (04:41:19h hours)
M249 PARA  NastyTacoFartPoop (23 kills with para)
Most Damage  </3 (20,833 damage)
Most Deaths  ALEXANDER (155 deaths)
Most Headshots  jwalleNz (54 headshots)
Most Improved Player  WHX | Frank Castle (551 points gained)
Most Kills  jwalleNz (186 kills)
Most Suicides  Th3 L!M!T Z$K!DrOowW (9 suicides)
MP5-Navy  Fuhrer (2 kills with mp5navy)
P90  Geezy (2 kills with p90)
Scout Eilte  9abaaraa (17 kills with scout)
SG-552 Commando  Palestine (28 kills with sg552)
Shotgun  Zig (3 kills with m3 shotgun)
Sig Sauer P-22  lsk (2 kills with p228)
Steyr Aug  Arthurzin (32 kills with aug)
Steyr TMP  $ton3dn!nj@ (14 kills with tmp)
Top Defuser  SilKil (5 bomb defusions)
Top Demolitionist  WHX | Frank Castle (16 bomb plantings)
UMP45  Rot (1 kills with ump45)
USP Master  ollew0w~~~~~ (2 kills with usp)
XM 1014 Auto-Shotgun  /SG/BLADE/ (2 kills with xm1014)